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When I first experienced that I had to wait for the beginning of urination and when my leak became weaker, I was a bit worried but I thought that it’s not such a big problem for me to go straight to the doctor. Then my condition began to get worse, I had symptoms like running all day running to a toilet, waking at night, because I could not spend a night without having to urinate. I thought… after this nothing’s gonna be the same. I had no idea what’s causing it. I did an online search and my symptoms were pointing to prostate issues. And that’s when I found REGEN50. I’ve made a decision to contact you and try your capsules for prostate health. After taking REGEN50 something has happened! THE SYMPTOMS WERE GONE! As of now, I have no indications that I ever had any problems. Incredible! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT PRODUCT. Feel free to publish this letter. Best regards!

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